About the event

Book reading by Bevin Magama. One of Wales’ up and coming authors from a refugee background, will be reading an exert from his recent book “Harare is Sick” Flame Lily, the beautiful daughter of a billionaire politician is out to get blood when her father dies in a mysterious air crash. The closer Flame comes to discovering the truth, the more she is dragged into a treacherous world of secrets and deceit that strike at the very heart of democracy.


About Bevin

Bevin Magama is a professional storyteller and writer. He travels extensively all over the UK conducting themed storytelling workshops and performances. In schools, his creative practice is renowned for being fun, building confidence, improving literacy and oracy. In workplaces, Bevin has vast experience of conducting themed workshops which use storytelling to challenge bullying in workplaces, conflict resolution, and wellbeing.

“Expect humour, wit, and dynamic storytelling, thought-provoking tales accentuated with music from an array of traditional Africa instruments like the mbira, marimba, and djembes. His stories grip fiercely onto their rhythms as they unfold.”   –Society for Storytelling


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