About the event

Home4U is hosting the following events:

  • Collaborate with Manifold Arts to auction art donated by artists in the Cardiff area. The auction will be held on their Instagram page (manifold.arts) Auction will run throughout the week and end on June 20th.
  • Participate in the #SimpleActs movement by promoting simple acts on our Facebook and Twitter throughout the week.¬†Home4U Cardiff (@Home4UCardiff) / Twitter,¬†(1) ShareDyddCardiff (@sharedydd) / Twitter, Facebook accounts: Home4U Cardiff and ShareDydd. Home4U and ShareDydd will alternate a post each day of the week.
  • Launch a new page on Home4U’s website to showcase art and poetry inspired by refugees¬†www.home4ucardiff.org. Page will launch on 14th June and be promoted throughout the week. People can contribute a poem or piece of art if they want to.
  • Use social media platforms of ShareDydd to call for more hosts in the Cardiff area. ShareDydd works with Refugees at Home to place asylum seekers into hosted accommodation with local people who offer a spare room in their home for 3-6 months.
  • Walk in Bute Park on Refugee Day (20th June) and have a picnic provided by Ty Krishna with volunteers, clients and friends of both charities.

To learn more about these events or to register email: Keira at keira.mcnulty@home4ucardiff.org