About the event

A ‘Guided Walk’ with volunteers and members together, some having researched aspects of the walk, that will inform the route using contemporary and historical points of interest e.g. Civic Centre, Swansea Castle.  Researchers will stop at the points of interest and introduce the topic. Child-friendly points to be included such as parks and play areas.

Participants and volunteers will be encouraged to take creative footage, not identifying individuals, during the walk.

Consent forms will be issued and only those happy to have any identifying footage, visual or audio, will be used on social media.

Video/audio of the walk will be edited and used for sharing, social media

To register: email Unity Diversity at unityswansea@gmail.com


Awa Grill

Swansea Castle

Wind Street

Morgan’s Hotel

Mission Gallery

Dylan Thomas Statue

National Waterfront Museum

Swansea Marina

LC 2 – Swansea Leisure Centre

Civic Centre & Central Library